Most common questions

You can find all most commonly asked questions in this section. But if you have more questions – you can always contact us

Yes, of course, at Tetris Moving  loading and unloading comes as standard.

You can book anytime from 2 months in advance to the day of the move (subject to availability). Short notices are welcome.

Yes you can pay by cash on completion of the move

Yes, as leading Toronto movers we provide wardrobe boxes on the day of your move. So your clothes can be packed right out of your closet and unpacked at your new location. Tetris Moving uses the best cardboard wardrobe boxes in the moving industry.

We recommend that all drawers are empty and the items are packed in boxes. Many times, your dressers will have to be tipped on their sides to be manoeuvered properly, so it’s best that all dressers are empty. Emptying the drawers also reduces the stress on the dressers themselves and helps prevent damage to the joints as many dressers (like those from IKEA, for example) are not made to be moved with loaded drawers. The drawers will be secured shut on the day of your move by the crew.

Yes, we do disassemble and reassemble beds, desks, and other items. Please bring these items to the attention of your estimator (either over phone or in person) so that we can include the time required to accomplish these tasks in your estimate

Yes you can make an additional stop, however, there may be an extra charge for that for hours we will be working. Please, contact us for more information

We highly recommend that you bring these issues up with our estimator before your move so there are no issues with having items disconnected in a timely matter on your moving day. Tetris Moving can arrange for all of your disconnect and reconnect needs for appliances and electrical fixtures.

Yes, we have liability coverage. As leading Toronto movers, our liability coverage is substantial and we have all of the necessary operating permits to provide our services. By default, on all of our moves we offer our Enhanced Liability Coverage provides $7.00 per pound in the event that an item is damaged beyond repair.

Our standard liability (which is provided free of charge) regarding your belongings is limited to sixty cents per pound per article, as mandated by the Ontario Government.

The total cost of your moveing will be calculated by actual time worked. We multiply hours worked, plus travel time, by your hourly rate provided in your move estimate. Please recognize that our estimated time for the completion of your move is just that, an aproximate estimate. As such, the actual time spent to relocate your belongings may differ from what we may have estimated in the beginning.

The time starts once we arrive at your location, and stops when the job is completed at your new location.

Tetris Moving cannot be responsible for delays due to traffic or inclement weather between origin and destination.

The last hour of your move will be billed in 30-minute increments.