Moving Services We Provide in Toronto and GTA

We offer a variety of storage solutions, every unit size you need. Customized storage solution and the best moving & storage services

If you are looking to move the items around the house or unload the mobile storage, we can be there with skillful and strong men

Sometimes it is hard to determine the number of boxes and the size of the storage facility that you need, so you can leave this work to us

From couple boxes to a fully-packed mansion it will all be carefully moved on time. Whether you are moving next door or to the other province.

We understand that every single piece at your business keeps it running, so we make sure that it travels securely, quickly and efficiently


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why people choose us?

We have 5+ Years of Experiences Moving People Across Canada

At Tetris Moving we provide the complete moving experience, including packing and storage. Specializing in residential and commercial relocations, we always make sure to fulfill your needs and expectations. Therefore, we will be happy to provide you with an online or on-site estimate to help you plan the moving day.

Professional Equipment

We have the experience and the knowledge to ensure an efficient and trouble-free move

No hidden Fees

Fee provide only fair pricing policy and don’t have hidden fees

Insurance Coverage

We have insurance coverage packages for your goods

Certified and Accredited

Our staff members have safety certificate and accreditations


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At Tetris Moving we believe that it is never too much of preparation or feedback. If you would like to discuss the details regarding your move or share your opinion, please give us a call or send us an e-mail.


    Reasons Why Customers Choose Us

    We are leading in Moving and Packing Business.

    We truly believe that we can make a difference in the moving industry. Starting from the promise to build an exceptional company, Tetris Moving is now one of the best moving companies in Ontario. Our company is dedicated to providing reliable and trustworthy customer service you can rely on. Starting from the very first minute, we are always willing to reply in a fast and informative manner, taking all your needs into account. If you would like to feel the difference, please contact our specialists today!

    Moving trucks are equipped with all the tools needed for the perfect moving. We have furniture blankets (to protect belongings from damage), floor runners to protect the floor from extra scratches and dust, shrink wrap is an extra layer of protection for fragile pieces. Moreover, our movers can easily assemble and disassemble the furniture if needed. Personnel is highly trained, skilled, and motivated to help you face the difficulty of moving. Our movers have you covered in every aspect of the moving process:

    • Loading/unloading at each destination
    • Assembling / Disassembling furniture
    • Wrapping facilities
    • Special item transport

    The perfect service we provide is matched with the reasonable price for you. At each move we can estimate the moving time, so you will be aware of the price you need to spend. At our company, we have no hidden fees, our representative will fully explain to you all the costs you need to spend and no additional charge will ever be made. Furthermore, we accept all the payments methods you prefer, credit/debit card, cash. We do not accept personal or company checks and e-transfers unless previous arrangements were made. You should never feel pressured into giving a tip.


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